USB зарядное Smart Battery 2 шт

USB зарядное Smart Battery 2 шт
  • Модель: USB зарядное Smart Battery 2 шт
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  • 160.00 грн

Smart Battery charging from USB.
The SMART charging USB, can be used for many years to increase the performance of the device will be a long life, environmentally friendly!

2 AA batteries, USB-charging!

USB-charger with USB, can I use the battery located in the battery device without the need for long-term, environmentally friendly, low-cost, USB-charged items that provide a practical and safe use of the (control) is the battery.

When charging is complete, still easily insert the battery cover, you can insert the batteries in the device you are using.
USB to charge the battery without provide you with an easy to use USB charger and portable easy to use.
The wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, digital camera, voice recorder, MP3, radio, projection equipment, table clock, wall clock, remote controller, RC-controlled cars control and can be easily used in a much-needed equipment.
Also, USB-charging is not in the den of the electric current USB eastern currents that USB charger to direct the available battery improves battery performance in order to extend the life of the battery can be charged even if faster. The current from electrical outlet to charge your batteries and chargers plugged into an AC outlet is reduce the battery life, reduces productivity and let it charge for a long time.
So, your battery USB provides higher performance than other rechargeable batteries and electronic devices using more.
The cost of electricity you consume for USB Rechargeable AA battery charger when you charge USB seriously reduced.
USB-charging 6-7 hours exactly, the LED lamp will light starts and alerts you to battery exhaustion.
USB battery allows use throughout the year. Ecology. When the battery is discharged when no unwanted does not save you from the hassle of finding a new.
Can I charge the USB battery charged from the wall?
You can charge the purchase of USB-adapter wall from the electrical outlet. Adapter USB Wall Battery 220-volt for loss of productivity in the 5 volt turn, it would not be life shortening.
Can I charge the USB Car battery? USB car cigarette lighter adapter is a 12 volt electrical power your vehicle to convert the 5 volt USB Battery, because there is no lack of performance or reduction life expectancy.
USB-battery on my cell phone, MP3, MP4, you can use the device as a charger?
USB-rechargeable battery and portable charger. Your mobile phone, MP3, MP4, such as electronic devices can be recharged many. The only what you need to do is when you buy a USB-cable to connect an electronic device that you connect your computer to the USB end of the battery.
Note: The color can be sent in accordance with the different stock.

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