USB-микроскоп и эндоскоп 11мм.

USB-микроскоп и эндоскоп 11мм.
  • Модель: USB-микроскоп и эндоскоп 11мм.
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 1050.00 грн

USB microscopes and endoscopes compact with handle.
Image quality on the HD screen. The amount of a pen, LED lights, camera, video recording, USB is also working on a manual zoom, 150x USB microscope and endoscope sized pen. The energy required for operation also accepts USB and not require external power. It passes the object you are examining on-screen image as HD. 11 mm. in diameter. Şekillerde7 different with different control devices is sent to the box. The 640x480 pixels in AVI format video, pictures will be recorded as a 1.3 megapixel color computer in JPEG format. USB endoscope and microscope camera CMOS sensor and color. The translation must be set to manual control in the LED cable core level, they can still here the LEDs turn on and off. Photo touch-sensitive buttons located on the cable pulling function is available regardless of the computer. As ayarlanabilr knob settings on the light intensity of the LED lamp of the brain can be turned on or off. Windows XP SP2 / Vista / Windows 7 is compatible with Linux, the operating system Mac OS 10.5.5 in the EU. A tripod will be sent complete with oil-microscopic studies. Specifications: -0-150x Manual zoom -4 piece White LED lamps -Format Avi recording color camera -Shooting JPEG format -Video resolution of 640x480 pixels -Photo 1.3 megapixels - Power from USB 2.0 Weight: 95 grams Dimensions: 11 mm. x 130 mm. General information about endoscopy: Inserted into any organ or body cavity for examination on behalf of the lit end of the endoscope instrument (endescop) is called. And organisms channel and cavity of the body is a tool used in the analysis. It basically consists of an optical block sufficient to provide physicians with the possibility to talk light source for illumination. Ambulances and take exams endoscopy name today the weight of medical endoscopes is now widely recognized in a wide range of applications in the industrial sense. The main directions of use; Automotive, aerospace, construction, pipelines, hydraulic, installation of heat-Water-Air, is widely used in areas such as pest control.

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