Светодиодная лампа для сада с DVR камерой

 Светодиодная лампа для сада с DVR камерой
  • Модель: Светодиодная лампа для сада с DVR камерой
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 1200.00 грн

Your home, your workplace, your garden and in the parking lot, we offer our security.
34 Full LED 32GB Memory
The quality of 640x480 pixels, 120 camera angle, which consists of 34 ultra bright LED lights and motion sensor lamps such as a portable camera.
It works with 220 volt adapter included. At home, at work, in the garden, parking and the use of CCTV cameras are needed everywhere. Camera with LED lights as a gift to send to 4GB memory card, Mini SD, they can ask to insert the SD-card up to 32 GB. Dark and bright white LED ambient sensor 34 with sensor lights in LED lights up and allows you to use the camera as well as night vision night. Energy-saving LED lamps and lighting electricity while video capture is also allows you to save 90 percent. Under the motion sensor light comes on when it detects motion, and the LEDs are automatically illuminated for 30 seconds in color and audio video capture. It resumes automatically when the memory is full by overwriting the first recording video recording. Under the garden lamp camera head moves, the image to get used to the right place. If you want, you can use LED bulbs, fixing the camera on the wall or anywhere, because you can use it as a flashlight or desk lamp with a portable camera size. Specifications: 1/6 the CMOS color camera -640x480 P Avi format color video and audio recording Under -34 -120 degrees camera angle -5P glass lenses -32 GB SD memory card -USB 2.0 computer connection Visibility lamp: 12 meters Weight : 120 grams Dimensions:. Height 19 cm, 9 cm Set includes: -1 Total motion sensor led light camera -4 GB SD-card mini gift


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