Шарик для очистки туалетов

Шарик для очистки туалетов
  • Модель: Шарик для очистки туалетов
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 140.00 грн

Use in home, office, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes!

And your closet smell of lavender!

Economic and antibacterial!

If you do not like bad smells in the bathroom.

Throwing the ball to the toilet, you attach the environment pleasant aroma.

Without the use of any chemicals, the ball reduces the amount of bacteria in the toilet with antibacterial cleaning pellets, you can have the environment more hygienic and fragrant.

It appears in each user interacts with water and used 50,000 times.

Clever use of clean ball:

- Enough to throw the ball into the cistern.

-Create A hygienic and healthy environment.

-Term Product life of 5 years.

-Prevents Education.

The size:

Diameter:  10 cm.

Weight:  '80

Note: You will be sent 2.

Made in Germany

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