Dazer 2 Прибор с излучением для отпугивания собак

Dazer 2 Прибор с излучением для отпугивания собак
  • Модель: Dazer 2 Прибор с излучением для отпугивания собак
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Originally made ​​and sent to America! Beware of imitations!

Repels dogs and cats away!

Made for those who are afraid of dogs and cats with ultrasound technology, a portable device that prevents them from attack.

Dogs and cats can hear 27,000 Hz, which irritate them
can not hear people that sound. The ultrasonic wave frightens dogs and cats.

Cats and dogs up to 7 meters will not work, it does not work navrezhdaya them.

It can also be used for the preparation and training of dogs and cats.

In the world, recommended by veterinarians and the device used to good use.

America began to be issued in 1987, the product in the United States in 1993 were selected for sale worldwide.


-27 000 Hz. away dogs and cats with ultrasound.

Effectively and quiet.

It is made ​​of durable plastic with -stroke also has a clip that can be attached to a belt.

-Use in the range of max. e it is 7 meters.

-120 grams of weight.

It works with a -9 volt alkaline battery. (Included is a battery)

Made in the USA

2-year warranty.

The kit includes:

-1 unit from cats and dogs

-1 9 volt battery

User's Guide in English

Document guarantee

also protects works from other animals.

Thus, with dog breeds and wolves, foxes, jackals, lions, weasels, can also be used with wild mountain animals such as tigers.

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