Отпугиватель для кошек и собак

Отпугиватель для кошек и собак
  • Модель: Отпугиватель для кошек и собак
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 290.00 грн

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller with Flashlight and trenerovki function.
It effectively scare the dog and keep you health or even life. This small dog deterrent is working on the battery, and easily fit even lady's handbag. This dog deterrent is simply necessary in everyday life, especially for women and children.
It is also with this dog repeller can train your dog to different commands. It is not recommended to direct deterrent to the ears and head, unnecessarily. the child's body is more sensitive to ultrasound. It is recommended to use only deterrent to aggressive themselves leading sobak.Spokoynye home or deaf dogs can not react to the device, but they are not dangerous to humans. Features: ! This model is much more efficient repeller existing analogues, the use effect is obvious model has built-in led lights that can also be a very useful supplement includes battery type "Crone" specifications: functions: dog training, scaring dogs, LED lights, dimensions: 130 X 40 X 22 mm weight: 98 grams; the frequency of 25 KHz, sound pressure 150 dB maximum current consumption of 130 mA; power supply: 9V «Krona" type battery (included) color: yellow / black / blue

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