Наушники с мини аудио усилителем

 Наушники с мини аудио усилителем
  • Модель: Наушники с мини аудио усилителем
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 290.00 грн

This small device is perfect for kids who love the spy game.

It is advisable to buy it for children older than six years, since it is at this age they are interested in role-playing games.

Earphone with mini audio amplifier allows you to hear conversations in a radius of up to ten meters.

The amplifier increases the volume in the earpiece to fifty decibels.

Volume can be controlled by a switch.

With convenient liner, earpiece falls out of the ear.

The gadget can be worn not only in the pocket, but also on the belt, since the device has a mounting clip. The amplifier is powered by batteries, a switch

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