Kit солнечный робот

Kit солнечный робот
  • Модель: Kit солнечный робот
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 350.00 грн

Powered by solar energy.

Powered by solar panels on the energy from the light into electrical energy by turning the use of the daylight.
As unforgettable and had a very enjoyable time, it will be very good opportunities for learning in the field of science and technology for the growth of your children.
You can make the robot dog , robot car, windmill, airframe, engine robots or left as a variety of products.

The solar robots can work outdoors in daylight if you want the best performance, even works in the rain and on a sunny day.
Work at home under a high halogen lamp.

The models that can be made ​​in kit includes:
1 piece Solar wheeled vehicles
-1 piece solar boat
-1 piece Solar windmill
1 piece Solar dog
-1 Pc plane Sunny
-1 Jet Solar Balance

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