Камера и сигнализации для личной безопасности

Камера и сигнализации для личной безопасности
  • Модель: Камера и сигнализации для личной безопасности
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  • 1350.00 грн

Special protection at all times!

Wireless Alarm with camera and a bright LED.

4 GB SD-card as a gift!

32 GB Memory Card Support Feature ...

resembles the appearance of pepper spray that camera and start the alarm system in the burning of any incident in the camera records records by pressing the easy button to instantly while a high tone in the body, although the alarm ultra-bright white LED lamp will give you full protection ,

a button to make all these operations on a personal security camera, simply click once.

Mini size, easy to pocket and a memory that records the security camera that you can carry in your bag.

If you press the panic button on the camera to start recording a video camera and stop playing after 30 seconds.

Personal cameras or a computer with a USB input and comes with cable USB 2.0 We do, use the charging adapter, which together with her.

Images taken with the camera can still monitor the media player by connecting it to the USB input of the computer.

Personal alarms are to be sent to 4 GB SD memory card in the camera, if desired, you can connect a memory card up to 32 GB.

It stops recording when the memory is full and can not continue to overwrite the settings of the first record.

Dimensions: 29x29x80 mm.

Weight: 37 g


-640x480 Pixel color camera and microphone

 format recording and voice Avi

-32 GB SD memory card Support

-90 decibel your burglar alarms

Ultra bright LED flashlight

kit includes:

-1 personal camera

-1 USB 2.0 cable

1 adapter

-1 x 4 GB SD-card

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