GX-08 Прибор для отпугивания кротов и мышей на солнечной энергии

GX-08 Прибор для отпугивания кротов и мышей на солнечной энергии
  • Модель: GX-08 Прибор для отпугивания кротов и мышей
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 450.00 грн

Mole are considered pests because their digging tunnels it damages the root system of the plants that you so diligently cultivated.

How to get rid of moles? The most humane way - use a repellent for moles. With extremely acute hearing and sensitivity to ground vibrations - the mole will be forced to leave your site.

Ultrasonic rodent repeller - a new and environmentally friendly way to protect gardens and gardens of moles and similar pests.

Our mole repeller is absolutely safe for people, pets and plants.

The principle of operation is based on the mole repeller distributing high-frequency sound waves, unpleasant for the fine hearing of rodents. Radiation acoustic vibrations derived from a metal rod and includes all the soil in  diameter and 30 meters from the location of the device. Within a radius of action of these waves habitat for pests it becomes unbearable, and they are gradually leaving territory. It is worth noting that the device operates smooth periods as rodents climbs out of their holes and are looking for a comfortable place for your data, so do not panic ahead of time.


  • - Sends an audio signal along the perimeter, regardless of the presence of obstacles, buildings or underground stones;
  • - The device can be operated from the ground;
  • - Also acts on flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, moths;
  • - It is completely harmless for humans and the environment;
  • - An environmentally friendly and safe
  • - It has no chemical odor;
  • - Does not require any costs for electricity and batteries;
  • - Powered by solar (solar is), energy (battery power)
  • - In the warm time of year the device completely enough solar power for around the clock operation;
  • - Working day and night.


Dimensions: 43x15,5x15,5sm.

Operating Frequency: 400Hz-1000Hz.

Weight: 360 grams


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