GX-016 репеллент от собак и кошек

GX-016 репеллент от собак и кошек
  • Модель: GX-016 репеллент от собак и кошек
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Ultrasonic repeller GX - 016 is designed to protect people from malicious attacks zhyvotnyh.

It keeps dogs and cats at a safe distance using both directed towards dogs or cats radiation of ultrasonic waves and super-bright LEDs flash.

Ultrasound is not audible to man. Repeller can work as a flashlight - it has its own button.

This device - effekvtiny tool for the expulsion of homeless dogs, cats off your summer cottages, private courtyards, lawns, gardens and lawns without causing any animal - or harm.

Use ultrasonic repeller can be on the premises (for example, if you do not want your pet to go in the house), and on the street. Repeller is powered by batteries, so do not need any wires to it. 

With Installation The motion sensor detects ultrasonic otpugovatel animal diameter area of 750 m 2 with an angle of 110 degrees action device, the output power of ultrasonic acoustic system is 130 decibels.

GX - 018 is a very special device that is manufactured using high-tech, it has an ultrasonic speaker.

Ultrasonic reppeler is a multifunction device, and can operate in four different modes.

1. Ultrasound + Alarm Clock + LED flash light.

2. Ultrasound + flash LED lamp.

3. Ultrasound.

4. Continuous ultrasound + flash red LED lights.

Product data sheet:

1. Power Supply: 9 volt battery or 9V adapter

2. The area of action - 750 m 2

3. Range of Ultrasonic vosproizvodymyh frequencies - 15 kHz to 30 kHz

4. Audible alarm rate - 7 Hz.

5. Speaker output moschost - 130 decibels.

The kit includes:

1. Ultrasonic reppelet from dogs and cats.

2. Adapter 9 volts.

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