Детектор передатчиков идентификации (0-6 ГГц)

Детектор передатчиков идентификации (0-6 ГГц)
  • Модель: Детектор передатчиков идентификации (0-6 ГГц)
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 2100.00 грн

The transmitter at 0-6 GHz can detect all kinds of electronic wireless communications, and a warning device with audible or vibration detector. Use personal safety is absolutely necessary.

The wireless signal magnification gives a warning when it detects unauthorized devices using vibration or light and sound signals.

The protective device is impressive and is an excellent product that should be in everyone's pocket.

you relax?
it's your watch?
your personal conversations, discussions can be recorded and heard by others?
in a room of the hotel rooms have the equipment?
is it safe to enter the locker room?
Hear Do other secret meetings in your company?
Your home under the tracking?
Is there a bug in your car?

This is a product that will allow you to protect your personal security at each site.

Dressing up in the cabin, at ATMs, office, home, stay, by detecting and transmitter devices in general, wherever you go you can be safe assured.

For example, at home, or you can determine whether the transmitter with the detector in your office that you can measure exactly where ~ 15cm for error .

Detects that?

-All hidden devices

-Wireless phones

-Shpionskie mobile phones

-Wireless network

-Video recording


watched -GPS-device
/ satellite

- Computer fax or listening to the transmitter
The transmitter listening phone

- transmitters are used for vehicle tracking

not only detects the location of the device. you can hear the signal sent from the transmitter through the sensitive receiver headset.


Frequency range: 0-6 GHz

Supply: 3-volt battery (alkaline batteries 1,5 aax2 posts)

Yield: 8 mA. 70 mA vibration.

Lightweight: 50g

Audio, light or vibrate

ability to use headphones

Made in the USA .

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