Беспроводной дверной звонок+ 2 Кнопки (32 Мелодия)

Беспроводной дверной звонок+ 2 Кнопки (32 Мелодия)
  • Модель: Беспроводной дверной звонок+ 2 Кнопки (32 Мелодия)
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 390.00 грн

Wireless doorbell, you can control with two separate buttons.
On our wireless doorbell set of 32 tunes.
Wireless buzzer also says. (Hey, open the door, etc.)

Even without electricity your wireless doorbell will work.

One need only insert the batteries in the wireless doorbell and it can be controlled from a distance.

Your home, your summer house, your office, your office, if you can take your new tenant, and can easily use your number for your home or workplace.
Wireless transmission distance of 100 m, and energy consumption is very low.
 32 tunes.
You can adjust the tone or to record his words with a button on the doorbell.
Alkaline batteries can withstand one year. (20 times / day)
Our product is waterproof.

Installation is very simple, just press the release button and insert the battery.
The kit includes:
1 piece Wireless Doorbell
-2 pieces button
-1 AAA batteries

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