Автомобильный брелок-камера с зарядным устройством прикуривателем

Автомобильный брелок-камера с зарядным устройством прикуривателем
  • Модель: Автомобильный брелок-камера с зарядным
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 550.00 грн

Camera car keys provides safety!

First Quality 4GB Memory Card + USB Cable Cigarette Lighter Charger + GIFT!

Downtime use and practical ...

Car Charger with
USB adapter!

In connection with keychain remote signaling cars and tools you can use in your car key and insert the key in the function to record video security cameras that can be used outside.

Car key makes the color
recording cameras and voice.

720x480 pixel format video AVI, resolution of 1280x1024 pixels to record Samsung chip photos in JPEG. Entries 30 frames per second.

The memory on board 4 GB SD-card installed in cars in the camera's memory can be increased further by inserting the required 8 GB SD-card.

USB from the cigarette lighter socket in the car with the included cigarette USB cigarette lighter socket or from a computer, you can use your USB-port with 2,0 kablou whether charge.

Charging time is approximately 2 hours, duration of use per charge Max.2 hours.

When the computer is connected to the PC USB-port for the cars to see the camera as a removable disk. All music on your computer, you can transfer your documents and vehicles Data cameras, to your computer, you can transfer the information about your car.

When you take video footage or photos from a computer connected to a cable USB 2.0, you can look through the Windows Media Player, CD -disc can be printed or deleted.

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