1.2 вольт 2100 мАч аккумулятор

1.2 вольт 2100 мАч аккумулятор
  • Модель: 1.2 вольт 2100 мАч аккумулятор
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 85.00 грн

A lot of children's toys and technical devices require power to function.

Not everyone can work from the outlet.

So they are working on portable media power. These are the batteries.

This model has a battery the size of AA batteries.

Unlike regular saline batteries, rechargeable batteries can be charged after they are  discharged during operation.

It is very convenient because it does not need every time to buy a new battery.

Technical characteristics of the battery models are as follows: voltage is 1.2 volts, the battery capacity - 2100 mAh, electrochemical system - of Ni - the MH

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