Ультразвуковые приборы

Dazer 2 Прибор с излучением для отпугивания собак
GX-011 репеллент для мышей и насекомых
GX-016 репеллент от собак и кошек
Брелок от комаров
Отпугиватель для кошек и собак
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Ultrasonic devices

Tired of looking for new ways to deal with rodents on your country site? Tired frightened flocks of stray dogs? Let's fix the situation: here you can buy ultrasonic devices from mice and rats, insects and even dogs! These devices are specifically affect the organs of perception of large and small rodent mammals, so that they feel discomfort tortuous and come in a panic. But your health and assets are fully protected! Select the appropriate device from the ultrasonic repellents for security purposes.

Ultrasonic Repeller rodent and insect

Here you can order a powerful ultrasonic repellents mice and rats with an extensive scope. We provide our customers with quality products, so that you can be 100% confident in the effectiveness of functional ultrasonic otpugivaltelyah rodents and insects, as well as similar devices that provide you with the safety of the street in case of an unexpected meeting with the dogs.

Ultrasonic dog deterrent

Protect yourself from aggression stray street animals can be a simple device. To do this, you need only buy an ultrasonic device with a deterrent. Place your order, you will soon get a small device that you can always carry in your pocket. The main "working" power of such a device is a small generator that is activated by pressing a button. Powered System - starts emission of ultrasonic waves. The human ear does not catch them, but they effectively repel dogs. Be careful not to miss the opportunity to make a good shopping!

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