Интересные Товары для животных

Dazer 2 Прибор с излучением для отпугивания собак
GX-016 репеллент от собак и кошек
Аквариум для муравьев
Брелок с фонариком для животных
Душ для домашних животных
Отпугиватель для кошек и собак
Ошейник "Галстук"
Ошейник со светодиодными лампами
Пилка для шлифовки ногтей у животных
Поилка для собак
Прыгающий мяч со светом и музыкой
Сумка для собак и котов
Фосфорный ошийник
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Goods for pets

Our pets need care, and this can be achieved by a plurality of components. A regular balanced diet, grooming, prevention of various diseases and parasites - all of this is achieved through the continued use of specialized products for animals.

This section of our online shop is filled with a variety of products and accessories for pets, which will help improve the living together of your pet and yourself, making it more comfortable and useful. Toys for transporting tools, portable feeders - our catalog is quite diverse.

Cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and insects - even for the most exotic pet, here you can buy pet products with operative delivery in Kiev and Ukraine. Take care of their smaller brethren - with our products is so simple!

High-quality animal products include various aspects of pet and its coexistence with a human being. Therefore, they are made with all the environmental and hygienic requirements, and have no risk to animal and human health. Online store for animals Ukraine Trade Group offers products, which perfectly expressed the highest quality and functionality with a loyal price. We are confident that you and your pet will appreciate them highly!

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