Солнечная аппаратура

 Светодиодные лампы на солнечной энергии
 Солнечные батареи одновременно с лампочкой
 Солнечный робот кузнечик
4 Садовые светодиодные солнечные лампы
Kit солнечный робот
Автомобильная антенна на солнечной энергии цвета манетки
Автомобильный комплект с Bluetooth на солнечной энергии
Горшки с светодиодной подсветкой на солнечных батареях
Камера с солнечным светом для сада или двора
Кемпинговая светодиодная лампа  Powerbank
Комплект робота на солнечных батареях
Мини вентилятор на солнечных батареях
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Solar equipment

Inexhaustible source of energy surrounds us everywhere, it is necessary to know how to use them. Online Shop Trading Group Ukraine offers you to make maximum use of natural resources, without causing harm to her.

We represent products with solar batteries, which will help save on electricity and in some cases does not depend on it. They will be useful in daily life, adorn the interior of your home, will be useful on a trip or at work. Solar equipment operates almost perfectly round, helped by the climatic conditions of our country.

Goods Solar

Goods and equipment Solar energy storage, so continue to operate in the dark. Accessories, mobile flashlight, insect repellent and other appliances on solar energy - it's convenient and modern. All our products are environmentally safe, easy to use and will please even the children.

Another advantage of them - you do not need to constantly monitor the progress of the work. Solar equipment is functioning perfectly without human intervention. It gets their own energy and also consumes it. As a result, you get a stylish garden lights that give a beautiful light, and no need to worry that they will sit down battery. Our products are solar-powered - it is convenient and economically!

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