Система "умный дом"

 USB сигнализация для ноутбука
 Аккумуляторные светодиодные часы с термометром
 Беспроводной датчик движения с мелодиями
 Светодиодная лампа для сада с DVR камерой
 Солнечные батареи одновременно с лампочкой
 Сушилка и дезодорант для обуви
Bluetooth Смарт светодиодные лампы
Night Light Sensor

Night Light Sensor

190.00 грн

USB аквариум "Вулкан"
USB светодиодная лампа 2 Вт
Аккумуляторные светодиодные свечи 12 шт
Беспроводной датчик движения с мелодиями в виде лягушки
Беспроводной дверной звонок на два блока +1 кнопку
Беспроводной дверной звонок с птицей
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Smart home systems

Perform daily tasks requires a large amount of time that can be used more efficiently. To this end, we developed a regular set of devices, systems and innovations that help make life easier and make it more comfortable. Similar devices for household conventionally called the system "smart house", because they automate everyday processes, thereby contributing to a reasonable allocation of our time.

Maintain order to create favorable living conditions in the house, without the extra effort to ennoble the yard - in the system Smart Home includes all the necessary tools to do so.
Small household Soup or scale multiple levels devices in the system smart home divided into different areas, whose main objective - the creation of maximum comfort for you and your family.

Smart home system (or, as it is often called, smart apartment) - a complex use of modern technological innovations that are presented in a variety of in our online store. We offer to buy a smart home system in Ukraine to guarantee absolute reliability. Experience the excellent quality of life!

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