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Wireless cameras - forward to innovation

IP surveillance cameras - a new generation of security systems, ultra-modern machines, which are inherently built-in camera with a computer. These devices capture and transmit the video stream in real time, allowing the owner under the supervision of the territory can see and control everything that happens in the surveillance zone.

Highly ergonomic, ultimate comfort and use of advanced, previously unavailable functionality, which provides its users with IP wireless cameras, make these devices more and more popular in the market of security equipment. These truly revolutionary in its field devices confidently replacing the analog security system. This trend is understandable, because the world has become a global computerization companion of our lives.

Why buy IP Camera

Professionals know that it is better to buy IP camera than analogue. Why? Let's single out the main advantages of video surveillance systems with IP support.

  • 1. End with the image clarity problems. Analog cameras at high speed objects can pass blurred and smudged. The IP solved this problem.
  • 2. Increased reliability and reduced prices. The IP cameras use Power Over Ethernet technology, which makes them non-volatile, provides excellent compatibility of devices from different manufacturers, if the power supply monitoring system will be functional (there bespereboynik).
  • 3. Megapixel resolution. In the video, all the little details are displayed more clearly, is covered by a large area of ​​observation.
  • 4. Built-in intelligence. Now the camera is equipped with a motion detection, event analysis and system alarms. In simple words, it is not just record and transmit the picture, but also reacts to moving objects, the operator sends a signal about the violation of the perimeter, the operator asks whether a specific situation is dangerous, asks him to watch the video, to assess the risk, etc.
  • 5. Built-in sound. Now the video is transmitted along with the audio. You can follow the conversations of staff - whether they properly communicate with customers, not out whether communication between colleagues abroad operational issues, etc.
  • 6. Security and reliability. If analog cameras transmit data via cable, which can be torn, cut, or bend accident peredavit, then there is (as well as themselves wires) IP cameras to this problem.
  • 7. The relatively low cost of production. IP systems require much lower costs in the operation, which makes them advantageous in terms of economy.
  • 8. There is no need to configure IP cameras to build a new network, simply connect the device to an existing one.

As you can see, the benefits are more than enough, so cheaper to buy a video camera of this type.

Who benefits from the purchase of IP surveillance camera

Buy IP camera would be appropriate for those who want to protect their property, or to observe the process of work of his subordinates, while being at a considerable distance. Furthermore, modern devices not only make it possible to view real-time recording, and record it for storing.

Also, it is the technology needed to those who are important characteristics such as absolute independence of work, broad functionality, ease of use, reliable operation, excellent processing of information, intelligence, long period of use, long range, good quality transmission and recording, etc.

Where to buy IP camera via the Internet

Look where it is most advantageous to purchase a surveillance camera in Ukraine? We present our online store "Trading Group Ukraine", which you can purchase at a bargain cost of various modern gadgets, including IP cameras.

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