Светодиодный душ работаючий без батареек

Светодиодный душ работаючий без батареек
  • Модель: Светодиодный душ работаючий без батареек
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 340.00 грн

Bathroom is great and will not need a battery! When you purchase you save 35% of water in the shower! Green, blue, red color! LED light shower head that makes running the bath water temperature by changing color according to three full shower brilliant and allows you to check the temperature of the receiving water. 3 Color Changing LED Shower smart and do not require batteries to operate. LEDs are working with hydro and water, so they change color. LEDs, as well as in the life of each LED is 100,000 hours. Smart LED shower head delivers up to 35% savings in water, providing a pressurized flow of water and balanced. Green: 32 degrees and six (cold) Blue: 33 degrees and 41 degrees (warm) Red: between 42 ° and 45 ° (hot) Gives warning flashing red lights above 45 degrees. Smart head shower in the bathroom, because it provides a bright light, and you can take a shower without turning on the light in the bathroom.

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