Ручка диктофон на 4GB

Ручка диктофон на 4GB
  • Модель: Ручка диктофон на 4GB
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
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Press the button once to start or stop recording!

6:00 charging time.

Most of the new models of professional audio recording made ​​in the form of a ballpoint pen.

The recorder pen is the most advanced and most professional.

Pressing the button on the pen is enough time to start a sound recording .

There are over-sensitive digital microphone.

When the recording is still in the back of the clip LED lights and invisible from the outside.

It has 4 GB of internal memory and can record an average of 64 hours of internal memory.

When you cut through the pen at the top of the remaining portion along the USB port, located on the USB 2.0 cable to one end of the USB ports can transmit voice recording that you made, when you plug the other end into your computer to your computer and listen through the media player.

It has a total storage capacity of 4 GB. Thus, personal documents from USB flash drives feature photos that allows you to carry it with you to copy all the files on digital media such as video.

What are the most important differences from other pen recorder?

-. The manifestation compared with other objects, it is more simple and elegant look with a ballpoint pen

-Standard well as the opening of the button ballpoint pen is used as a recording button.

-Only Audio recording, because he is charged using the time up to 6 hours longer than the other.

-Nazhav the top button on the switch to record the entry and it is very practical.

. To use the pen as a mp3-player headphones -also the ability to connect via the recorder function is also available


-4 GB of internal memory

-Record audio format -MP3

-USB port or power and charging

-6 hours and use the battery charger

-64 Recording Hours memory

-Built digital
sensitive microphone

-Special control with USB headset and made ​​recordings for listening to MP3 or you set in

-USB function removable disk

Check-rate of 128 Kbps

-20 Hz-20 kHz. sound frequency

-Cable -USB 2.0 We do connected to a computer with

Do not be able to write like a pen.

Package Includes:

-1 x Digital Voice recorder

-1 Headphone

Full control touch the USB headset -1

-1 USB 2.0 cable

adapter USB-wall -1

-2 Total pen tip

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