Проектор + солнечная лампа + солнечная батарея для заряда телефона или другого устройства

 Проектор + солнечная лампа + солнечная батарея для заряда телефона или другого устройства
  • Модель: Проектор + солнечная лампа + солнечная батарея
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 1790.00 грн

You can charge your phone via LED lamps.
Using practical and portable solar lighting systems can be efektivnosti for your devices.
Thanks to the USB port on the solar battery, you can charge all kinds of mobile phone with solar energy.
Features from the solar panel: 
 -9 At
-3.5 W
Specifications solar cells:
- 6 V
- 4.0 Ah.
The battery is charged by solar energy
features with vetodiodnogo spotlight:
-3 W
-120 Lumen
There are 3.5 meter cord.
Features with vetodiodnoy lamps:
-2 W
-80 Lumen
-5-motrovy extender available.
Is the power switch on the cable.
USB Output:
-5 volts
-500 MA.
How to use solar lighting system?
First, you must fully charge the solar battery solar panel.
When charging is complete the red light turns green.
Do not leave dead batteries, it is necessary to extend the service life of solar batteries and chargers to charge again when finished.
Battery charging time 8-10 hours, should not be left for more than 24 hours.
3 units of light on the solar battery.
3 display solar capacity by 100% 67-%
2 Solar battery capacity indicator by 33% and 67%
1 solar battery capacity indicator will light means 10% to 33%.
The use of solar panels:
Please leave the solar panel in direct sunlight and keep away from the shadows.
One full charge with power LED lamps 15 hours, 2 LED light bulb can burn up to 8 hours continuously.
Battery Charger for Cell Phone:
You can charge different models with the help of mobile phone charging.
Set includes:
-1 solar panel
-1 battery Spotlight
-3 LED bulb

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