Многофункциональный детектор передатчиков идентификации

Многофункциональный детектор передатчиков идентификации
  • Модель: Многофункциональный детектор передатчиков идентификации
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
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The transmitter has a range between 1 MHz and equipment for detection of 6.5 MHz or other wired and wireless cameras all electronic devices (cameras, listening devices and monitor) detects.
The operating mode is determined by the detection device can be a laser or RF device through the installation.
As he found the device to find the laser spot detection, and RF signal indicator determines the sound and vibration.
RF detection function detects the wireless signals from a row between 1 GHz and 6.5 GHz, and all electronic devices will help you find the location of wireless devices.
When a wireless signal is detected the warning sound, you can set via the detector or vibration alert transmitter features of LEDs as light levels increase.
The ability to detect only applies to wired cameras, laser device, when you get to determine the position of race, where infrared LED looks environment with filtered lenses, and environmental detection devices to the IR cut filter wired camera lens red light flickering moment you if he finds ' the It lets you see the location of the device and find. In addition, the location of the device, which detects the direction of the LED with a compass on the device shows the device makes it easy to identify. You can hear the signal sent along with the headphones sound more clearly. Specifications: -Weight: 52 g portable and handheld -Chastotny detection range of 1 MHz-6.5 GHz Detection -Laser range: 0.1-10 m. (The cable for the camera) -characteristics: 0.05 m (5 m wireless devices).  -Work Detector max .: 920 nm. An outer coating: Abs Lens: filter (IR) -Attention: sound or vibration alert the indicator LEDs signal: number 4 Set includes: -1 RF detection device charger -1 -1 headphones

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