4 Садовые светодиодные солнечные лампы

4 Садовые светодиодные солнечные лампы
  • Модель: 4 Садовые светодиодные солнечные лампы
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 340.00 грн

LED flashlights are designed for light to hell, the park or the infield.

They have a glass cover, the cover of which is solar battery is charged during the daylight hours.

Bright LED will illuminate perfectly the right space and turn off automatically when the sun will rise.

This economical power consumption eliminates the excess consumption of electricity from the grid.

Internal rechargeable battery is rated for eight hours of battery life.

Leg lamp has a sharp tip which makes it easy to insert the lamp into the ground, and made of stainless steel, which will serve her for a long time.

Inside there are 4 lamps that provide light.

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